To volunteer for any of the committees listed below, please fill out our contact form.

Social Committees

This committee organizes a Holiday Family Lunch for TRNA members each December. In addition the committee organizes two flea markets per year to raise scholarship money for college bound Taylor Ranch high school seniors.

Youth Committee

In the past the work of this committee provided inspiration TRCC Compute Roomfor the Mayor’s Middle School Initiative Anti – Gang Program, and was recognized as the best community involvement project in Albuquerque. The committee is currently inactive.

Crime Prevention Committee

We are promoting Neighborhood Watch groups. Network with neighbors to prevent crime. For more information, click here.

Education Committee

We are actively involved in improving the quality of education in our community and administering the TRNA Scholarship Program, that provides small scholarships to students of families in Taylor Ranch.

Parks and Beautification Committee

We are actively involved in the Adopt-A-Park Program, and recruit volunteers to clean up Mariposa Basin Park.

Newsletter Committee

TRNA periodically distributes an informative newsletter to our members. Back issues are made available to our members on the Library webpage.

Current Issues

Another reason to join TRNA is to lend a hand in resolving our current neighborhood issues. Some of those issues that we are currently engaged with are:

  • Paseo Del Norte/Unser corridors
  • Improved Roadways
  • Median Landscaping
  • Adopt-A-Park Program
  • Land Use and Zoning Issues

Past Successes

Past successes are an indicator of the amount of effort and dedication that members of TRNA have given their neighborhood in the past. Some of these efforts are ongoing while others are in the past. For those that are completed, we continue to monitor their status and progress over the years.

  • Community Center — One of the largest all-age community centers in the City of Albuquerque opened in October 2004.
  • Montaño Bridge — Actively lobbied for the construction and opening of the Montano Bridge.
  • Fire Station — Worked with the city to establish a substation in our community.
  • Library — Coordinated and assisted in the planning of the Taylor Ranch Library.
  • Mariposa Basin Park — Fought long and hard for the creation of the city’s largest park, as well as active participation in its design.
  • Sierra Vista Pool and Tennis Complex — Spearheaded the effort to convince the City to buy the private club and create a community recreation facility.
  • LBJ Middle School — Convinced the School Board to change its site decision and locate the school within its community, as well as active participation in it design.
  • Graffiti Removal –Our volunteer program served as the model for the current city program.
  • Median Landscaping — An ongoing project to beautify the streets of Taylor Ranch.
  • Petroglyph National Monument — Heavily involved at the City, State, and National levels to create the monument, and in its planning and design.
  • Paseo del Norte — Years of struggle to create this major east-west arterial highway.
  • San Antonio Oxbow Extension (formerly Poole property)— Collaborated with other neighborhood groups in preventing development near sensitive wetlands. The property was purchased by Open Space for all to enjoy.

Mariposa Basin Park Sign

Don Newton - Taylor Ranch Community Center

Median Landscape